Multi-Page TIFF OCR

Multi-Page TIFF OCR

With the lastest OCR API and Online OCR update, we added support for multi-page TIFF/TIF files. Now they are processed the same way as multi-page PDF documents. You can test the multi-page TIFF support directly in the online OCR form.

How to OCR a single page or a multipage TIFF file

The multi-page TIFF support is built directly into the OCR API. New command is required. The API recognizes multi-page TIFF files automatically. OCRing multipage tiff images is now as easy as doing PDF OCR. The resulting text is subsequently returned in the API JSON response.

PRO OCR API support

As always, the free OCR API gets the update first. We know that our PRO OCR API customers value stability and reliability above new features, so the PRO OCR API endpoints will get this update a few weeks later, once we are 100% sure everything runs rock-stable. But if you have a PRO API key, you can also connect to the free API endpoint at and start using the new multi-page TIFF support right away!