Automate download speed checks with Speed Test Loggger

The purpose of this application is to automate internet speed tests and assist in trouble-shooting intermittent, flaky connection problems. The open-source Windows app tests your download speed on a set interval, logs the test results to a CSV text file and generate download speed over time graphs. The logger also monitors service interruptions (PC offline/online) and IP address changes.  In other words: Monitor, log and benchmark the speed and reliability of your DSL, cable, fiber, Wifi or mobile internet connections.

Speed Test Loggger Screenshot - See text for the numbers

Speed Test Loggger explained:

  1. Click “Start” to start the periodic download speed checks 
  2. Trigger instant measurements with “Test Now”
  3. Select what to show in log area: All measurements, only errors or only status changes
  4. Open Settings dialog
  5. Connection speed chart
  6. PC offline
  7. Internet download speed measured and logged (no upload and ping checks yet)
  8. The current IP address is logged. IP address changes also trigger a status change.Click minimize to send app to tray (continues to check PC connection speed)

How to install and use it:

  • Download the Windows installer
  • Run the downloaded SpeedTestLoggger-Setup.exe
  • Click the Start button (#1)
  • That’s it!


  • (a) If you want to check your internet speed continuously, open the preferences dialog (#1) and select the “Autostart with Windows”  option.

  • (b) You need more measurements? You can always trigger measurements manually by pressing the “Test Now” button (#2).

How to interpret the graph:

  • Green: Measured download speed
  • Orange area: Visualizes the offline time (in  contract, purely white parts mean: no data. This are the times the logger was not running, for example because your PC was shut down.

How to add more features:

  • The full source is available at the Speed Test Loggger project on Github. The logger is written in C#/Visual Studio 2013. Pull requests are very welcome.
  • Not a coder but have ideas or want to report an issue? Please open a ticket or email speedtest (at) 
Speed Test settings

Speed Loggger Configuration Settings explained:

  1. By default, speed test uses our own server. But you can also use a custom URL, for example a server closer to your current location. Or maybe you want to monitor your server download speed?
  2. Date format
  3. Speed units.  Depending on your setting, either Bytes/second or Bit/second is used. Obviously Bits/second = 8*Bytes/second.
  4. Log file location
  5. Set measurement interval. Need shorter test intervals? I left that feature out of the default download to reduce strain on the test server. But if you need, just send an empty email to for a free upgrade that can check every minute.
  6. Select autostart for continuous speed tests. 
Speed Test Loggger has its own home page at