Free Online OCR learns new languages: Arabic OCR and more

Free Online OCR learns new languages: Arabic OCR and more

Today’s Online OCR and tomorrows upcoming OCR API update adds four new languages to our service, and improves the recognition for all other languages:

New languages:

  • Arabic OCR (“ara”)
  • Bulgarian OCR (“bul”)
  • Croatian OCR (“hrv”)
  • Slovenian OCR (“slv”)

All languages: Improved character recognition

Release dates:

More languages will be added in the near future. If you have a specific need, please contact us - the more feedback we get about a certain language or feature, the higher its priority.

Important: If you feel this upgrade deteriorates the recognition rate for any of your use cases, please inform us. We can only fix issues that are reported.

Extracting Text from an image with Arabic OCR

PRO OCR API: As always, the free OCR API gets the update first. We know that our PRO API customers value stability and reliability above new features, so the PRO OCR API will get this update a few weeks later, once we are 100% sure everything runs rock-stable. Of course, if you have a PRO API key, you can also connect to the free API endpoint at and start using the new features right away.