Auto-rotate scanned text images

Auto-rotate scanned text images

The latest OCR API update adds image autorotation - a popular and often requested feature. You can test it on the online OCR form by checking “Detect Orientation”:

In the OCR API you can do the same with the new parameter detectOrientation. If set to true, the API looks at the imagem and, based on its text content, auto-rotates the image correctly. In the API response the TextOrientation parameter is set to the degrees of the rotation (0 if the image is not rotated). Autorotation is for images only, not PDF. Autorotate increases the processing time slightly, so you should only use it if you need to.

Here are some test images that you can use. The API will read the text just fine on all of them:

TextOrientation = 0
TextOrientation = 90
TextOrientation = 180
TextOrientation = 270

The AutoRotate feature is available in the free OCR API and in the PRO OCR API. As usual, we roll out changes first to the free API and update the PRO API endpoints a bit later, once we are sure everything runs rock-stable.