How to update your payment method and other subscription details

After you subscribe to an OCR PRO or PRO PDF plan you receive a confirmation email. This email contains a "Customer URL" link that allows you update your subscription details any time. The customer URL looks like this:

Customer URL:
This URL is just an example. You find your personal customer URL in the emails from Fastspring.

The link goes to the secure Fastspring servers. Fastspring is the payment provider that manages the billing for us. As mentioned in our FAQ, we at A9T9/ do not store any payment details from you. The same link can also be found in the monthly email invoices that you receive whenever your credit card or Paypal account is billed.

Once you are at your customer page in the secure online store, follow these three steps to update your payment details:

Step 1: Click the "Edit Subscription" link
Payment method change, step 1

Step 2: Select "Update Payment Method" option
Payment method change, step 2

Step 3: Enter the new payment method details and press "Update..."
Payment method change, step 3 (and done)

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