FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you store documents in your servers?

We do not store any docs/images on our servers, as explained in our privacy policy.

2. Is this service available 24/7?


3. Is it possible to use the free service in a commercial project?

Yes, you can use the free API in a commercial project, but it comes with no (uptime) guarantees.

4. What is the difference between the free OCR API and the commercial version?

  • The PRO version of the OCR API has distributed OCR API endpoints, and has an 100% guaranteed uptime per month (see also the next question #5).
  • The PRO version has a higher rate limit per IP address (if you need even more, let us know. We change it without extra cost within reasonable limits).
  • The PRO version includes priority tech support.
  • 5. What happens if you miss your 100% uptime guarantee?

    Our SLA (service level agreement) is easy: 100% uptime guarantee - there is always at least one PRO access point available. If all access points would be down, please contact us and report the issue. In this case we will refund 100% of your monthly invoice.

    6. What happens if I am unhappy with the PRO account for a reason other than uptime?

    Please contact us. If we can not fix the issue, we will refund you the current month in full.

    7. Do you store my credit card on your servers?

    No. We do not store any payment information on our servers. All subscription billing is managed by Fastspring. You can edit, update and cancel your PRO/PROPDFsubscription any time in their customer portal.

    8. What are the URLs of the commercial OCR API access points?

    You will receive the URLs of the three global access points and your API key in the welcome email directly after you have signed-up for the PRO or PRO PDF account.

    9. Where are the access points located?

    The free OCR API access point is in the USA. The commercial version has access points in the US, EU and Asia. If you need a specific location, just let us know.

    10. I am an indie developer. I am looking for a free/low cost OCR solution.

    You found the right place :-)

    11. Would it be possible for you to alert me of an upcoming planned downtime?

    Yes. There are two methods to get alerted: Follow us on twitter or register for the Free OCR API level. We email all registered users if a planned downtime is coming up.

    12. I’m getting the message that the API key is invalid. Does it take a while until it is active?

    All API keys (free and PRO) are active immediately. If you have any issue with the API then:

  • Try our cURL example and see if this works.
  • Try the "helloworld" API key (free API only). This key is great for a quick test, but do not use it in your project, as it is severely rate limited.
  • Please ask us if you have any issue getting started!
  • 13. If your question is not answered here,...

    ...please contact us.

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    Free Open-Source RPA Software
    Copyfish OCR Browser Extension
    Selenium IDE
    Try UI.Vision RPA, our OCR-powered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. It is available as free browser extension as RPA Chrome and RPA Firefox (OSI-certified Open-Source) plus computer-vision extension modules. UI.Vision RPA is fun to use - and its OCR screen scraping features are powered by the OCR.space OCR API.

    Do you have an OCR API question? Please email us or visit the OCR API Forum - we love to answer OCR questions.