Germany clarifies ethics for self-driving cars: Treat kids and adults as equals

Transport Minister Dobrindt in a Google Self-Driving Car

After opening a self-driving car highway test track last year, German federal transport minister Dobrindt announced today that he created a so called ethics commission to advise on a legal framework for self driving cars.  The Commission is to be headed by former Federal Constitutional Court judge Udo di Fabio and will start work later this month, according to the German weekly “Wirtschaftswoche”.

The goal is a legal framework how cars which are controlled by computer must behave in dangerous situations. Programmers can then use this framework as orientation.

According to the interview, a few key decisions are already made:

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Microsoft updates free OCR library, adds four more languages

In February Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 November update enables OCR support for four new languages, bringing the total number of supported languages to 25.

While they did not list what languages they added, they mentioned that this OCR technology is the same that is “used in major products like Word, OneNote, OneDrive, Bing, Office Lens, andTranslator for various scenarios, including image indexing, document reconstruction, and augmented reality.”

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Azure VM Performance for OCR

In Fall 2015, Microsoft Azure released its Dv2-Series Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), with  “with compute processors that are approximately 35 percent faster than the  D-Series VM sizes” (Microsoft).  The Dv2-series are based on the latest generation 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2673 v3 Haswell processor. But what is the best option for OCR?

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How to Translate Texts with Copyfish

One reason to extract text from images or PDF is to translate them.

For that Copyfish has a built-in translator. But sometimes you may want to use more specialized translation tools, like the Google Translate extension or even extensions that are custom-built for one language like the Zhongwen Popup Dictionary for Chinese translation. Copyfish supports them all, just turn on the Support popup dictionaries switch.

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